Togher Construction has recently taken on board Corporate Responsibility as best working practice in their various sectors. Their vision can be categorised under the following headings:

  • Work in partnership with local bodies to achieve joint benefits for all.
  • Encourage innovative approaches and continuing development of best practice
  • To promote business activities that brings joint economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • Ensure that we have decent minimum levels of performance in areas such as Health & Safety, the Environment and Equal Opportunities.
  • Encourage increased awareness, open constructive dialogue and trust.
  • Create a policy framework which encourages and enables responsible behavior within our business.

We consider that by operating a clear Corporate Responsibility in our operations it contributes to success within our business as well as good for the wider society, creating pragmatic, market-orientated initiatives, bringing benefits to our Company and the wider community.

At Togher Construction we feel that by actively operating a policy of Corporate Responsibility it helps to stimulate better policies, decision making and business practices based on a broader understanding of business impacts, beyond the purely financial and helping secure a better quality of life for all now and in the future.


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