Togher Construction has a primary legal, social and moral responsibility to ensure that discrimination in employment does not occur. The Company is an equal opportunities employer and its policy is not to discriminate against prospective, current or former workers. To ensure positive, visible enforcement of equality and inclusion, the Company has developed equality, harassment, whistle blowing and grievance policies. These are set out in the Company Staff Handbook. The Managing Director and Head of Human Resources have overall responsibility for developing the above policies and ensuring they are enforced. Managers have a responsibility to promote and implement the policies in their duties and are responsible for communicating them to all staff, both potential and actual. Policies are issued to staff at recruitment stage through the Staff Handbook and regularly reinforced through site inductions, safety briefings and method statements. Changes to the Company’s policies are conveyed to Managers through internal training and subsequently conveyed to members of their respective teams.

Equality and Inclusion are promoted through employing a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community; providing fair access to learning and development opportunities to all workers; involving and communicating effectively with workers at all levels; providing fair and transparent pay and reward systems; and providing a work environment that values and respects the identity and culture of individuals.

These objectives are achieved by not tolerating inappropriate or offensive language or behaviour to other workers, clients or members of the public; providing flexible employment practices that respond to the needs of individual employees; identifying, promoting and rewarding good practice and challenging poor practices; supporting fellow workers and colleagues; and providing an accessible and confidential grievance procedure to employees, if Company policies are breached. Togher Construction Limited regularly reviews its quality policies; and updates supplier and sub-contractor information on an annual basis. All staff are re-inducted at the beginning of each year, ensuring any changes to policies, including the Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policies are clearly communicated. Company policies are also stored in a ‘Common File’ held on the Company computer server allowing free access for employees to review all policies and subsequent changes to those policies. Suppliers and sub-contractors are required to complete Responsible Sourcing Supplier Questionnaires prior to becoming an approved supplier to the Company. As part of our responsible recourcing policy, suppliers and sub-contractors are required to have an Equal Opportunities Policy and these are reviewed and updated annually.

The Company proactively encourages supplier diversity in the procurement process for goods, works and services. As standard, opportunities to supply materials to, or work with, Togher Construction Limited are sent to a minimum of 3 different companies and Procurement/Sub-Contract Oders places afer unbiased assessment and comparison of returned tenders/quotations. Togher Construction Limited’s Procurement Process will be transparent, objective and non-discriminatory in the selection of its’ Suppliers/Sub-Contractors with a level playing field of opportunities for all organisations including small or ethnic minority businesses. The Company will actively promote Diverse Supply throughout its’ Supply Chain by encouraging the use of alternative materials/manufacturer’s where possible and constant monitoring will ensure the diversity of companies within the Supply Chain.


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